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This tut was written by me on Dec 30 2007
If it is like any other tutorial then that is completely by chance

This tut was written using psp10, and sould work in other versions

What you need Ailen Xenoflex Constillation
Tube of Choice
Font of Choice
And Sqaure shaded Preset shape
*found in your psp program*
My suppiles here
also in my supplies are the sqaure shaded boxes already done
Open a new image 600  by 600
(we'll resize later)
Find your preset shapes and look for the one titled Square shaded
Or you can open the psp image I included which is already done for you
If you choose to do it yourself then find the Square shaded preset shape and draw out a square. Convert to Raster Layer
Duplicate this layer
Image - mirror
you can now move the square closer if you'd like
then merge these to layers together
Duplicate this layer
Image flip
and again place where you like
*see mine for example*
merge visible
Open your tube, copy, paste as new layer
Pick 2 colors from your tube, or that go nicely with it
set forground to gradient of 2 colors 45 degrees, repeat 1
go to bottom layer and flood fill
click on the layer with the square boxes.
using your seletions tool - magic wand, click inside the boxes
selections modify expand 1
now go to bottom layer
selections invert selection
go back to your sqaures and dupliate 2 times so we have 3 layers

layers2.jpg picture by Sweet_graphics2
Now go to effects Aliens Skin Xenofex 2 Constellation
With these settings
Constallation.jpg picture by Sweet_graphics2
on the second and third layer do the same thing just click random seed
now we have to go back to the bottom layer and duplicate it 2 times as well
We have to arrange the layers to the squares are on top of the color boxes like so:
layers.jpg picture by Sweet_graphics2
make sure the top sqaure layer is active like in my picture, and merge down, then actiave the next sqaure layer and merge down, and same with the next square layer, so you should have 3 layers that look like this:

layers2.jpg picture by Sweet_graphics2
go to your tube layer and add a drop shadow of your choice
the dupilcate this layer 3 times, and do the same as above, by moving your tube down and merging your layers down till you have 3 layers that look like this:
layers3.jpg picture by Sweet_graphics2
Now open the flower tube that was includes in suppies
resize to 42%
Set the blend mode to Luminance
And set your visibility to 54%
duplicate 2 times
move thse layers between your other ones like so:
And do the merge down thing again, LOL
blendmode.jpg picture by Sweet_graphics2
Top layer merge down, select second layer now, merge down, then select third layer, meger down.. you should now have only 3 layers!

layers4.jpg picture by Sweet_graphics2
Now crop your picture to the size you'd like it
and save as a psp file
on to Animation!
open your psp file in animation shop
you also have to open a new animation
write the (C) info for the tube on your tag
Dulpicate this 2 times
hold the Ctrl button and press the A button
You have just selected the 3 frames,
Hold Ctrl and "C" this time, this copies it
now go to your tag, and "Ctrl" and "A" again, then click on the top grey bar of your tag, and paste INTO seleted frame
YAY you did it, you can add your name the same way,. and now your done!
Great work!!


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