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*This tut was written by me on December 4th 2007
Any resemblance to any others is completely by chance*

**do not copy or claim as your own. You may text link for groups and personal use**

What you'll need:

Tube of choice
I used the great work of Suzanne Woolcott
You need a licence to use her work
Font of choice - I used A&S Snapper Script
Mask - Suppied
Frame - From Scrappy Expressions
Scrap paper - From Scrappy Expressions
Filter - dsb flux - blast 

Supplies- Here

Ok lets get started!
Open the folder with suppies

Open a new Image 550 x 500
(we'll resize later)
Flood fill with white
Find your tube, copy and paste as a new layer
Find the frame.psp
Copy paste
Do this two times, so you have 2 copies
X out the top frame, and select the bottom frame layer
Now, go tto your filters and find dsb flux, blast at these settings
Blast.jpg picture by Sweet_graphics2
And again but choose left as the direction
Ok now Un-X the top frame layer, and with the selections tool
Selectiontool.png picture by Sweet_graphics2
I want you to select the inside of the frame, keep it selected and click on the bottom frame layer. The one we added the blast effect to
Now hit "delete"
this will clear out the middle of the frame
Now you should have something like this
selectiondelete.png picture by Sweet_graphics2
Find the scrap paper that was provided or one to your liking and place it behind the frames
Find the mask that was provided and apply it with the settings fit to layer
Merge - merge group
Lower the opacity of this layer to 75
Now make sure your tube layer is just below the frames, but above the paper
you may add a drop shadow if you like
Merge - merge all

Background Made By: Cherie

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