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Glitter Graphix Psp

Blending Pictures Tag

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Photobucket You do not need any outside filters for this tag! :)

Supplies Needed
3 - 4 pictures or tubes
Font of Choice
My Supplies Here
*I have a combination of pictures and tubes, as well as the Becky Mask*

open a new image 550 x 500
Flood fill with your favorite or pattern
* I used marble which I found in my psp program, I also colorized it to a color I like*
Now find 3 tubes of someone or something that you like
I used 4 pictures of my daughter *I misted the pictures first*
Place them close together or to your liking
Once you have them placed where you want them, You have to "X" out the background layer, and merge the other 3 layers
Be sure your on the top layer
Merge - Merge visible
Change the layer settings of the merged layer to Luminance Legacy
Merge - Merge all - Flatten
Now add a mask of your liking

Layers - Load mask - Load mask from Disk - BeckyMask_033
At this time, I selected the mask layer, and used the pick tool to streatch out the mask. You dont have to do this if you like where the mask is
Now.. Layers - Merge - Merge All Flatten
Add text and save as a Jpeg

Background Tile ©Cherie Lake
Background made by : Cherie *DO NOT SNAG TILES!*

Welcome to Glitter's Graphix Psp
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