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Glitter Graphix Psp
Linear Circles
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Linear Circles

FinishedTagCopyrighted.jpg picture by Sweet_graphics2

What you'll need:

tube of Choice * Mine is by Lix You can get a licence here*

Font - dingbat font (included)

Linear Transmission(dsb Flux) Here

My supplies Here

open a new image 600 x 600
crop circle dingbat font

Capital M @ 500

Pick 2 colors from your tube, I used Black (#000000)  and  Purple (#9500a4)
Stretch it out a little, layers convert to raster
Now look at your tube, and at the circles in your Image, pick 2 circles youd like to use.

Select the inside of one of the cirlse
Selection - modify- expand 2
*do not deselect*
Layers - New Raster Layer

Go to your tube
Copy - Paste - Paste as new layer
move your tube so that some of it is in the selected circle
Make sure your on your tube layer
Now Selections - invert
Move layer under the Dingbat Image
Do the same thing for the other Circle
* I resized my tube and mirrored it to fit into the 2nd circle I picked*
Layers - Merge - Visible
Duplicate this layer 2 times so you have a total of 3 layers
With the botom layer effects - dbs flux -linear transmission with these settings
LinearTransmission.jpg picture by Sweet_graphics2
Go up to the next layer, apply the same settings but changes from Vertical to Horizontal
Now on the top layer, add your tube, place whereever you'd like

Merge - Merge all - Flatten
Add Copyrights, and your name
Your done!


ŠLix CI-3729LM *Do Not Snag Tiles*

Made By : Cherie *DONT SNAG TILES*

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